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How does Contract
Management Work?

Public entities, such as cities, special districts, and others, can choose to have all or part of their utilities or public works departments managed by an independent organization. Through standard procurement procedures and negotiations with a successful bidder, the public entity enters into a management contract with a private firm to perform the scope of services that the city or district has selected.

Utility Services

Operation & Maintenance Utilities:

- Water Plants
- Storm Water
- Natural Gas Distribution
- Distribution Lines
- Wastewater Plants
- Collection Lines

Public Works:

- Street Repairs
- Garbage Collection
- Parks Maintenance
- Utility Constructions
- Leak Detection
- Septic Services

Additional Expertise/Services:

- Consulting Services
- Sewer TV
- Flow Monitoring
- System Inspections

About Us

Our company is your best source for professional, value driven low cost public utility management.

Established in 2005, we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience in large water distribution, wastewater collection, and plant operations. Meaning that we are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent. Currently UMG provides contracted operations for:

City of Pikeville
In addition to managing water and sewage services, UMG collects the garbage, maintains the streets and sidewalks, manages a natural gas system, and oversees city parks, pools, and landscaping operations.

Dickenson Public Service Authority UMG provides wastewater treatment plant operations for DPSA 200,000 GPD facility

In addition to routine utility management services, UMG has a separate construction division that, to date, has worked on 45 water line and 3 wastewater projects--building infrastructure in previously un-served areas.

UMG has a state of the art sewer camera system to identify infiltration and line blockages.

UMG provides Sewage Pumping and Leak Detection Services

Pikeville Medical Center
UMG provides oversight for Pikeville Medical Center's (PMC) maintenance department

UMG offers Septic Pumping Services

Southern Water Sewer District
UMG Manages operations at the District, currently under emergency contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Contact your local water provider (see our Links below). Laboratory personnel will collect a water sample for analysis.

Between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, contact your local water provider to report a broken water main or overflowing sewer. If you want to report a water main break or sewer overflow after 4:30 PM, call the after-hours emergency number provided by your water provider

For all questions about your water bill, contact your local water provider.

If your water bill is current, there may be utility work in your area that required cutting off water for a period of time. Contact your local water provider the to see if there is utility work in your area.


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